About Us

The Visionaries at Maxwell Pierce have the Experience and Expertise

That has made them Leaders in the Industry.With a proven track record of Identifying key cities and Building desirable data networks. Maxwell Pierce continues to Foster Innovation

About Maxwell Pierce

Wireless Experts

Maxwell Pierce has developed successful, strategic partnerships to match smart, forward-thinking entrepreneurs with opportunities in the wireless communications industry. The firm’s sole focus is to research and identify key markets within the United States where wireless demand is at its greatest. Through acquisition of Federal Communications Commission licenses in the markets that offer the most significant future potential and creating active partnerships of direct ownership of wireless spectrum, Maxwell Pierce places investors in an enviable area of growth and demand.

Delivering value that exceeds the sum of its parts, smart cities will help us along the road to Utopia we will be able to address the key challenges of our day, issues like traffic congestion, outdated utility infrastructure, safety, the expense of Health Care, our education crisis, and are increasing demand for energy. That’s the promise of iot when applied to Smart cities – not simply adding more technology to our lives, but enabling a new and fully integrated approach to how we design and develop cities moving forward.

Shaping the future


Maxwell Pierce is changing the way Investors Capitalize on Wireless Spectrum!

We are Partners not Promoters

Maxwell Pierce Retains units in every Project.

Indusrty Leading Expertise

The team at Maxwell Pierce has been Hand Picked from among the very Best in the Industry

Proven Track Record

Our team has successfully formed many Projects in Major cities through out the US

Facilitating Revenue

Maxwell Pierce, through its unique relationship with solution providers, helps our license holders unlock significant additional revenue from spectrum assets, while giving enterprises, institutions, government agencies and others access to licensed, interference-free, hack-resistant wireless communications.

This is the network

Through a compilation of licensed Spectrum, superb technology and world-class Network expertise. Our solution providers bring deep knowledge in RF and wireless networks, particularly with regard to operating highly-efficient narrow band Spectrum. We partner with Developers, oems, integrators, and network operators to refine solutions for any number of iot applications.